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Sophisticated machine learning automation of the revenue forecasting process

Revenue budgeting is resource intensive. The budget process is often 2-3 months consisting of meetings, overtime, budget versions, negotiation and friction. Multiple budget iterations often result in gaming the system that erodes budget credibility and gives the illusion of control. The result is often erroneous revenue budget targets based on negotiated assumptions. What’s motivating your budget? Feelings, bonuses, arbitrary percentage growth, under promise-over deliver, etc.

With RevenueFlow™, Complete Intelligence can speed the budget process, improve budget accuracy, reduce the budget negotiation between department management and administration, and transition the organization to a continuous revenue budgeting process.

RevenueFlow™ institutionalizes budget workflows throughout the year and greatly reduces the workloads for accounting and finance teams, business managers and company leadership. Each month, an updated forecast is delivered to the financial planning team and operational management. By using machine learning and massive data sets, we bring consistently accurate results, reducing corporate budgeting and revenue forecast error from >20% to ~5%.

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Reduce friction and improve the revenue budgeting process. Maximize decision makers’ confidence in the forecast.

RevenueFlow™ allows financial planning teams to automate the budgeting cycle while transitioning to an accurate, reliable continuous budgeting process. With RevenueFlow™, companies can better manage and forecast sales, and improve enterprise profitability. RevenueFlow™ enables companies to utilize their existing data sets to improve budget forecasting and measure performance on monthly, quarterly and annual bases.

  • Integrate your ERP, EPM or other enterprise databases with RevenueFlow™
  • Utilize internal and external information quickly from a single platform
  • Mobilize RevenueFlow and measure its impact in a matter of days
  • Spend your time taking action and planning based on the AI driven forecasts, as opposed to gathering and incorporating data into spreadsheets to create a biased forecast
  • Quickly automate revenue budget forecasting and monitor error at the business, division, and department levels
  • Automate business as usual budgeting and use corporate resources more effectively
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    Complete Intelligence integrates with Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and ERP solutions.

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