The Complete Intelligence culture defines our approach to business. These 6 values will always ring true at Complete Intelligence:


• Be the best at what you do,
• Be humble,
• Be an optimist,
• Respect each other,
• Be an open communicator, and
• Do the right thing.


Why is our culture important?
Our company values are the driving force behind what we do and the expectations we have for our team, partners, clients and stakeholders involved in our business. As a collective team, we share these values and empower each other to live up to them on a daily basis. We believe that accountability to these tenets will build a network of people with integrity to push our mission forward.


Be the best at what you do
• Push yourself – You have obvious technical and personal strengths but push yourself to be uncomfortable. Always. We are a learning organization. If you aren’t pushing yourself, then you’re not learning, and you’re probably bored.
• Be situationally aware – If you’re the best at what you do, you’re expected to stay current on developments in our industry space, among our existing and emerging competitors, with our clients and partners, and within our team.
• Be aware of your productivity and capability. Always have a higher expectation of yourself.
• Show us that you’re the best – Be fully engaged. Be at the top of your game. Don’t just talk about it or rely on your previous track record. Deliver results. Earn it every day.
• Think above your direct scope and cultivate a bigger perspective.
• Don’t complain. Think it through and let’s fix it.


Be humble
• Sure, you’re awesome, but expect that everyone around you is awesome – our team, our partners and our clients.
• Show gratitude and genuine appreciation to our team, our partners and our clients. Be deliberate about it.
• Take the approach that everything is a hypothesis and you could be wrong.
• Seek first to understand, then be understood.
• Take a calm approach to discussions and value patience.


Be an optimist
• Approach things in a positive way. We’ll have hurdles and disappointments every day. Don’t let that color your outlook. We’re on a journey together and we want to enjoy it.
• Take small wins. Celebrate them.
• Frame discussions with our team, partners and clients in a way that achieves positive outcomes. We want everyone to win, so let’s find a way to get there.


Respect each other
• Don’t ever try to prove someone wrong. Let our team members, partners and clients keep their dignity. There are always better ways to communicate.
• Always state your thoughts honestly and when appropriate. Respect doesn’t mean that your views don’t matter. They do.
• Respect everyone’s time – our team, our partners and our clients. Don’t schedule long or unnecessary meetings. When communicating, stay on topic and bring something of value.
• Listen patiently and respond respectfully.


Be an open communicator
• Don’t attach your personal identity to ideas. We share ideas and hypotheses openly and develop or drop them quickly.
• Cultivate a low-context organization. Be explicit about your assumptions.
• Focus on clarity. If something requires explanation, do it. Over-communicate and use more words to explain, even if what you’re saying feels obvious to you.
• Practice listening, then responding. Your team, partners and clients will tell you a lot if you’ll let them.
• Don’t hide or hoard information.
• We will have disagreements and even arguments. Embrace it, be respectful and light-hearted, don’t make it personal, and move on. We have too much work to hold onto petty resentments.
• A misunderstood email, conversation, text or social media post can kill a relationship. Always assume the best when receiving communication. If you think it’s angry or negative, the next step is always to hesitate or apologize, then speak with the other person after stepping away and taking a break (see “Be Humble” and “Respect each other”).


Do the right thing
• Treat people like you’d want to be treated.
• Choose and act on what’s best for our team, our partners and our clients.
• Correct a mistake even when no one would notice. Behave well even if you believe nobody is watching.
• Find opportunities to help people.
• Personal integrity is one of our most valuable characteristics: Corruption, misleading our team or investors, non-compliance with regulations/laws are not tolerated.

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