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Advanced AI and Machine Learning in CI Futures

No more guesswork – we have CI Futures

Complete Intelligence has developed CI Futures – an Artificial Intelligence predictive analytics platform that learns, evolves and grows for intelligent decision-making. This platform comprises ~15 billion data points and millions of learning algorithms that are updated continually in response to global events and market conditions to ensure accuracy.

CI Futures – Advanced AI and Machine Learning

CI Futures covers over 1,400 industry sectors along with dozens of economic indicators and hundreds of currencies, commodities and equity indices. These span more than 100 countries for extensive global reach and complete market coverage. CI Futures can incorporate and integrate client enterprise data as well for highly focused analyses.

The technology behind CI Futures was built on three pillars:

  • A globally integrated model,
  • A data-driven process without human intervention in the output, and
  • A simple means of interfacing with the platform.

Since the world economy is a closed system, global integration ensures that a complete picture can be formed with AI identifying more factors than possible through human analysis. Additionally, by avoiding human intervention in the analyses performed, our process avoids bias, sentiment and emotion that degrade accuracy, and instead rely solely on data to determine outcomes. This allows us to identify and systematically remediate error. Finally, by keeping interfaces simple, the Company’s tools more accessible to clients and customers.

CI-DataScan: Intelligent Data Sourcing

More than just data collection – CI-DataScan intelligently harvests and refines information. This produces a comprehensive data solution – which is at the heart of CI Futures. Sophisticated acquisition of markets, trade, and economic data from public and private sources is performed along with customized integration of client enterprise data. All source data pass through a multi-layer intelligent analysis, processing and validation procedure This results in robust and verified data populating the growing and evolving expansive global database.

CI-GlobalSense: Reliable Analysis

Using the database developed by CI-DataScan, CI-GlobalSense is the cognitive process that drives the AI Predictive Analytics. CI-GlobalSense delivers intelligent results for both forecasting and comprehensive strategic analysis. This process incorporates machine learning with evolving algorithms for progressively increasing intelligence. Identification of hidden relationships, correlations and connections is performed, revealing industry and market trends. CI’s AI Predictive Analytics deliver consistent and reliable results to unlock the power of intelligent decision-making.

Complete Intelligence unlocks the power of intelligent decision-making.


and millions of learning algorithms updated continually to ensure accuracy


with dozens of economic indicators and hundreds of currencies, commodities and equity markets


evaluated for extensive global reach and complete market coverage
Complete Intelligence AI platform learns, evolves and grows for smarter decision-making.

CI-Advisor: Customized Forecasts, Strategies and Solutions for Success

Using the proprietary CI-GlobalSense predictive analytics engine, CI-Advisor provides comprehensive analysis of complex problems and scenarios, providing accurate results and insights across all industries. Analyses can be customized to client specifications for virtually any business requirement or commercial situation. The highly configurable API can be tailored to specific customer needs for a seamless experience and integration into client systems.

CI-Futures: Superforecasting Streamlined™

Also tapping into CI-GlobalSense, CI-Futures is a subscription platform that provides detailed forecasting for sound data-based decisions, without the impact of bias, sentiment or opinion. Evaluation of currencies, commodities, equity markets, economics and trade provide a complete global picture. With easy enterprise deployment, a minimal learning curve, an intuitive interface and support for 3rd party platforms and company systems, CI-Futures is an efficient and streamlined forecasting solution.

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