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Introducing Futures 2.0 – same forecasting horsepower with a better interface.

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CI Futures provides detailed forecasting for sound data-based decisions without the impact of bias, sentiment, or opinion. It helps FP&A, traders, and category managers to evaluate currencies, commodities, and equity indices for a complete global picture.

☑️Turn months of analysis into minutes.

☑️Be confident in future market trends. 

☑️Simpler, easier-to-use interface.

☑️Highly customizable output.

☑️Fast analysis, easy download.


“I need a firm understanding of both fiscal and monetary policies and foreign exchange rates to understand how commodity prices might react in the future because a depreciating and/or appreciating currency can impact the trade flows, and often very quickly, which might influence decisions we make.


If your model isn’t dynamic and responsive in events like we are experiencing today, then it is not insightful. If it’s not insightful, it’s not influencing and informing decisions. Complete Intelligence provides a different insight compared to how the traditional price and foreign exchange models work.”


– Luke McFadyen, Manager of Strategy and Economics at OZ Minerals.