Forecast with complete product line visibility. Better manage risk and improve profitability.

Stop using Excel and antiquated platforms to manage cost centers.

Improve supply chain and procurement outcomes with CostFlow™. Our revolutionary platform allows companies to
visualize their product lines, identify their cost centers and forecast changes in price, all in one platform. CostFlow™ offers
comprehensive supply chain data analysis coupled with price planning, so companies can reduce risk for more intelligent

Reduce costs. Manage risk.
Improve product-line profitability.

CostFlow™ is specifically tailored for supply chain and procurement. We work with each client individually to understand their unique product categories and lines. We tailor our platform to your company’s needs, so you have complete visibility from the element level to the bill of materials through to the product and category. Most importantly, using our Global Cognitive System™, we are able to more accurately forecast pricing for the most basic elements in a product line, so you can see horizontally and vertically the cost impact across your supply chain.

Optimize Supply Chain Performance

Easily identify exactly how costs will change within your supply chain and procurement process.

Forecast Costs

Reduce your company’s procurement risk by 5x – 10x. The result can mean millions of dollars in savings.

Substitute Products

Forecast how a change in supplier or raw material will affect overall cost and performance.

Visualize the Procurement Stack

Have a single view of the cost outlook from the element to product BOM through to the product line.


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