Supply Chain & Purchasing Optimization

Lower costs and anticipate risks in increasingly global and volatile markets.

Unlock the Power of
Intelligent Decision Making.

Helping supply chain and purchasing managers and buyers to lower costs and anticipate risks in increasingly competitive global markets.

With the largest trade forecasting database globally, we forecast commodities, currencies and raw material prices to de-risk supply chain, purchasing and operations planning. In addition to our own data sources, we also utilize client cost data to allow contextually specific cost planning and bill of material configuration. Our clients have saved millions of dollars by anticipating costs and negotiating to maximize value.

Realize Your Business Goals

Identify Inflection Points

With the predictive intelligence power of Complete Intelligence, you can make informed decisions on the optimal time to purchase based on forecast price movements. Lock in material supplies ahead of market jumps, or delay to capture savings down the road. We put the power to optimize purchasing in your hands.

Select the Most Competitive Suppliers

Measure the quality of the deals offered by your vendors and providers, compare terms and conditions, and decide the best sourcing strategy for your needs. We give you the ability to benchmark your options against a reliable expectation of future prices.

Find the Best Sourcing Location

For commodities available in multiple markets, our platform can provide the optimal sourcing strategy considering regional price and transportation differentials. This enhances purchasing power and allows more efficient sourcing strategies to reduce costs and protect supply chain integrity.

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