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Crude Oil Crack Spreads and Natural Gas/NGL

A major petrochemical company wanted to improve its predictive intelligence capability for feed stocks and refined products. They tasked Complete Intelligence to examine nine product categories across crude oil, gasoline, diesel, natural gas and GTLs. We provided monthly forecast averages by category with extremely low differences from actual results on the order of 3% or less.

City-Level & Industry Segment Sales Projections (China)

A global furniture company wanted a clearer link between their sales and revenue planning, and their sales teams in China. Complete Intelligence built a sales forecasting model which more clearly identified and utilized drivers of market demand and connected the dots directly to their business. We undertook an analytics-based approach to identify the drivers of sales by city and industry, built a city- and industry-level forecasting tool that identified the company’s growth trajectory, and made data-driven recommendations to support the direction and transition of their sales teams.

Supply Chain Bill of Materials (BOM) Forecasts

A global chemicals company needed a better understanding of the trends for costs in their supply chain and a more precise way to manage margin expansion and contraction at the bill of material level. We were asked to forecast factor inputs and currencies for the key categories. The forecasts were calibrated based on the component make-up of the bill of materials to enable the client to identify the direction of the materials pricing and the impact on their BOM. Through the process, the client better understood how to anticipate cost movements and protect margins.

Business Line Sales in Top Global Markets

A global manufacturing firm asked Complete Intelligence to forecast revenues by product category in their top five country-level markets and across nine business lines. We delivered results that were, on average, within 1.3% of actual quarterly sales. Based on our findings, the client revised their current-year forecast, commissioned six additional markets (total of 11 markets) and commissioned recurring forecasts for all markets.

WTI Crude oil forecast in 2015

Complete Intelligence was contracted by a major industrial manufacturer to provide 12-month forward WTI Crude price forecasts in May 2015. We reviewed current market forecasts in June, at which time WTI traded at $68 per barrel. These forecasts showed a consensus price of $80 by December. We predicted a significant price drop to $46 per barrel in our forecasts, much to the surprise of our customer, which was confirmed by actual December WTI averaging $42 per barrel.

US Dollar Strength in 2018

Complete Intelligence provided forecasts to its clients showing US dollar stability starting in May 2018, with appreciation and acceleration in June. At this time, this contradicted market consensus forecasts that projected a weak Dollar for the next 2 years. Our clients were able to benefit from this as our forecasts were validated with the Dollar appreciating in lockstep with our forecasts.

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