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Complete Intelligence provides comprehensive planning and predictive decision support for high-context enterprise problems across industries using highly automated, industrial-scale artificial intelligence, fueled by billions of enterprise and public data points. To assist in this effort, we are searching for web developers with a demonstrated ability to define, build, and deliver innovative, intelligent, and effective solutions that will elevate Complete Intelligence Technologies platform performance.



  • Create applications from front to back that use our methodology to process our customers data and report the outcomes on the UI. Includes containerization, use of API’s, all UI development and software development. Only applicants in the Houston and Dallas areas will be considered.


Key Responsibilities

  • Design, develop, deploy, and maintain production-grade scalable data transformation, machine learning and deep learning code, pipelines; manage data and model versioning, training, tuning, serving, experiment and evaluation tracking dashboards.
  • Manage ETL and machine learning model lifecycle: develop, deploy, monitor, maintain, and update data and models in production.
  • Build and maintain tools and infrastructure for data processing for AI/ML development initiatives.
  • Develop ETL pipelines, tools and processing jobs for data cleansing and analysis.
  • Deploying machine learning models into production environment.
  • Building/operating systems for data extraction, ingestion and processing of large data sets.
  • Python scripting and exploration with notebooks.
  • Adapting to a rapidly changing environment. Entrepreneurial spirit and professional maturity: ability to work independently, think creatively, and a willingness to seek support when needed.


Additional Preferred Skills

  • Strong DevOps, Data Engineering and ML background with Cloud platforms
  • Experience in containerization and orchestration (such as Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Experience with Neo4J
  • Experience in web scraping
  • Experience working with timeseries data


Submit resume and cover letter to info@completeintel.com.

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