Billion Data Points
and millions of algorithms with forecasts refreshed monthly
Industry Sectors
for trade, nearly 30 economic indicators and hundreds of currencies, commodities and equity market forecasts
covered in our economics forecasts
the power of sophisticated forecasting on a single platform

Why Complete Intelligence?

Complete Intelligence

Use highly sophisticated, statistically proven data analytics model
Work with more than 15 billion data items in our core model
Affordable for everyone
Precise forecasts and analysis
Globally-integrated data set reflecting interdependencies in industries and the global economy
Crystal clear


Use simple Google search, no forecast data
Incomplete data sets with “small data” or arithmetic forecast model
Inconsistent output
Not an integrated / interdependent model
Over complicated interface

AI – Driven Forecasts

The Complete Intelligence Process

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@Boeing comprises over 1% of the US’s total exports. Its halt will hamper US exports significantly. The… https://t.co/G3W1hgMHhA
18 March 2019
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17 March 2019
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17 March 2019