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The only fully automated and globally integrated AI platform for smarter cost and revenue planning.

Complete Intelligence provides actionable, accurate, and timely data, so companies have reliable information to base their decisions.

CI Futures

Access thousands of forecasts for commodities, equity indices, currencies, and markets.


Visualize and plan costs within a product line.


Forecast sales and market opportunities.


Why Complete Intelligence?

The world economy is a closed system. A globally integrated model ensures that a complete picture can be formed with AI identifying more factors than possible through human analysis. Complete Intelligence covers more than 1,400 industry sectors, 450 of economic indicators and 700+ assets in currencies, commodities and equity markets across more than 100 countries. This results in the most comprehensive database available and a highly scalable platform that extends well beyond the capability of existing market solutions.

By avoiding human intervention in the analyses performed, our Global Cognitive System avoids bias, sentiment and emotion that degrade accuracy by relying solely on data to determine outcomes. We use ~16 billion data points from both publicly available and proprietary sources. These are tested against millions of market and industry relationships to ensure the best accuracy and highest reliability, with hundreds of millions of calculations each month to ensure precision and minimize error.

Just because our technology is complex, doesn't mean your experience has to be. By keeping interfaces simple and easy to use, our solutions are more accessible. We offer our standard online interface and can provide custom APIs to work directly with clients' systems, as well as through third-party platform providers. This allows us to deliver a seamless experience, as well as direct integration of enterprise-level data for comprehensive, focused solutions.

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The world’s best companies use Complete Intelligence to manage risk, drive growth and increase revenue.

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